MMPT Year 1 Semester 1

Digital Media Software and Systems

I did a module called Digital Media Software and Systems,

The main waim of the Digital Media Software and Systems module is to familiarise students with music software, and to create projects with said software. The software that we used in first year is Logic Pro 9.

During the module, we familiarised ourselves with Logic Pro 9 and got to know how to operate the software.

In this module I created a remix of the Super Mario underground theme tune using Logic Pro 9.  Here is the link;

I hope you enjoy.

Media Programming 1

In media programming 1 I first  learned Processing, to grasp the fundamentals of programming code, at the end of the semester we began learning basic java code. There were various lab and class tests, as well as an end of semester exam, and a project in which we had to design a basic version of the game pacman (i.e. to make the pacman character move in a certain direction when keys were pressed, and to make his mouth open and close as he moved).

Perceptual Systems and Multimedia

The following is an essay on Pitch Perception that I wrote for my Perceptual Systems and Multimedia module in my first semester of college.

Pitch Perception


What is pitch perception? It is the perceptual aspect of a sound that corresponds most directly to its frequency. Pitch is an auditory sensation where we assign musical tones to relative positions on a musical scale based mainly on the frequency of vibration. It is divided into two parts, pure tones and complex tones, in the case of pure tones, the pitch is linked to the frequency of the tone and in the case of complex tones pitch is related to the frequency of the fundament (the lowest frequency of a periodic waveform.) Pitch is closely associated with frequency but the two are not the same, frequency is an actual scientific concept, whereas pitch is subjective. Sound waves do not have pitch, and their oscillations can be measured to obtain a frequency. A human brain is what is needed to plot the internal quality of pitch. (Mather 2011)

The full essay is here:Pitch Perception


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