MMPT Year 1 Semester 2

Media Programming 2

This semester in part two of media programming we are focusing completely on java code, we have learned about classes, constructor methods, mod methods and have even used the jMusic extension of java.  We have had two projects so far this semester, in project one we created a MIDI file and then manipulated it using 15 unique mod methods. Project 2 was a much more difficult project, we had to create a menu-based application to allow the user to perform 5 different audio manipulation functions on audio files of their choice.

Web Development

In this module we learn a great deal about creating web pages using html, php and css style sheets. This image is one of 6 web pages that I created for this module. In this assignment we had to create 6 html html websites, 5 were dedicated to an album each, in the image here it is Kanye West’s most recent album ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ The webpage also features a music video that accompanies a song from the album. The 6th webpage consisted of links to each of the 5 albums.

Directed Study for MMPT1

In this module we learn how to give critical analysis of reading academic essays, books, and journals and produce our own as part of a group. We also learned how to reference properly. We were divided into groups of 3 and had to choose a topic froma given list and to give a presentation to our lecturer on the topic and to finally write an essay.


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